One has many memories which are deeply entombed. It is the process of writing which brings these small bits of memory to the surface. But one isn’t aware of it. One doesn’t know where they come from. One cannot put them into focus. From time to time one is able to retrace the path and reach the origin……. The writer’s works are born from these hidden springs” 
– Paul Auster

(Photo by Egemen Oezyay)

Originality – Dinstictiveness – Motivation

Writers don’t have it easy. Nowadays, employers mainly seek writers that have experience in marketing, advertising and communication. Passionate writers seeking traditional publishing firms to publish and represent them will have difficulty (especially now) finding success. If your query were in line 530, it would have fallen to 1001 by now. Traditional publishers will only focus on bestsellers from established writers (renowned people in politics, science, academia, etc.). They would rather republish a bestseller from 20 years ago than publish you. It’s no joke.

One significant purpose of this website is to show new freelance writers that you should remain true to your writing and take matters into your own hands. They say there are only two types of freelance writing: Business and Publication. But it doesn’t mean you can’t offer your creative story writing skills as well. It’s OK to write business or funding proposals, pitch decks or executive summaries for someone–but be true and know what you want to achieve. Write for honest people, step in their shoes and help interpret their vision.

You must be realistic about becoming a professional writer. I have spoken to fellow writers, even those who have been in business for over 30 years. They said the writers’ market was struggling and advised me to stick to my job even if it involved tedious accounting work.

Well, I did not. And I was no longer sure if they were writing for the right reasons. Before COVID, I used to like travelling in the city using public transports. My habit is observing people’s faces and body language. Those who zone out on the train have my full attention. I wonder if they write, paint or keep a journal to stay sane. I wonder if someone will ever tell their stories. How hard are they working towards their dreams? I didn’t want them to stagnate in an unfulfilled life.

Therefore, my goal is to connect with these people, help them identify their strengths and then envision their goals by writing compelling stories. Are you one of them?

First, focus on what you want and figure out what motivation would make getting up in the morning more meaningful–not that 9-5 life in a hamster wheel. Take control of your directions in life and figure out how to make your passion beneficial to others.

If you’re not working your dream job, make sure you still pursue your passion in one way or another. Start small and help those around you. And if you need help, ASK! Find your voice; be distinctive. Please reach out and connect with me too.

Feel free to ask me any questions about writing and the nature of self-publishing.

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