The cradle rocks above an abyss and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.” – Vladimir Nabokov

Highly competent in bringing you to emotional places where you either confront your struggles or help your people combat theirs.

Content Writing, Blogging

Have you created a website and are looking for engaging content for your product? In that case, I will help you emphasize your value and ultimate solution to your customers’ problems. I will tell your story and accomplishments in a way that creates empathy and trust. By the time we get to your product, your audience will feel connected to you. Here is when you want to offer your skills and values in every way you can and have a style and voice to make you stand out. Your brand will develop over time when people start talking about you.

Content writing and social media go hand-in-hand. I can help you set up a fast-growing Instagram account that includes engaging posts and an effective networking process.

Content writing also involves consistent blogging to ensure that the value you bring continues to satisfy your audience. It’s also an effective way to analyze what your audience prefers to read and learn about. (Why not ask them?)

Having collaborated with other exophonic writers, I have also created content for immigrant entrepreneurs, small businesses on Amazon and local photographers. They have sold products worth thousands of dollars.

Proofreading, Editing

Yes, editors are intimidating, and it took me years to finally hire a professional to edit my book. However, you will not regret it; you will appreciate the objectivity, productivity and sharp eye for detail that they offer. Most importantly, you will learn to view things from different angles. Be in your readers’ shoes more often. And perhaps “The Elements of Style” by E.B. White will become your bible.

I help immigrant entrepreneurs and ESL students refine their web content, story, essay or blog. If anything needs polishing, show me, and I will tell you. As a “proofreader,” you generally screen the text for grammatical errors and typos, whereas editing involves an in-depth analysis of the content and linguistics. A good editor will cross out needless words and highlight areas that you should redraft. I will offer you the best Creative Writing Coaching and Editing Services.

Ghostwriting & other

I will break down this service into sections:

Fiction Ghostwriting: I am a storyteller. Writing fiction is my strength and a reason why this website came to fruition. Fiction is a realm to which you can escape—either take a break from reality or learn to view reality from a different perspective. Or, it allows the reader to learn more about YOU. Sometimes your message isn’t clear to people; they don’t understand you, no matter how well you explain it to them in real life. Therefore, you create a character based on you (call it semi-autobiographical) to make the reader empathize with your protagonist. E.g., suppose you try to tell a painful story. In that case, you tell an honest story about your feelings, but introduce a fresh and unique perspective to your readers. However, if you’ve committed an immoral act and want people to like you still, one option is to adopt the unreliable narrator’s technique and manipulate your reader into doing so. (That’s the power of fiction—to build a connection on an emotional level; therefore, not to be mistaken for real life.) I’m open to ghostwrite books in the following genres: Young Adult and Romance.

Ghostwriting Memoir and Autobiography: I will ghostwrite anything that is story-based or personal. I’m all about character-driven plots and emotions.

Other specializations: I offer copywriting, scriptwriting, blog management, newsletters, social media marketing, eBook and paperback formatting support, essay writing, and tagline slogans.

Niches: Contemporary literature, self-publishing, travel/tourism, health/fitness, film/entertainment, pop culture, pets, food culture

*Please get in touch about turnaround time and pricing*

***Please note that I do not write “how to make $$” articles or other manipulative marketing where your customer pays you more than what your product is worth.***

“Paula has written incredible content for my website, leading to more traffic. Her writing is engaging and addresses people at the heart.”

– Mike Maciaszek (Through The Lens Photography)

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