On Ghostwriting

I have an aspiration to ghostwrite for people who need words to bring out the best in them. For that purpose, I have revised my ghostwriting services. I look forward to writing a big project for someone one day.

Sometimes you don’t want to swim

Mom and dad never understood that I had trouble identifying my yellow skin with the other German kids. Moreover, while I spoke fluent German, the Russian and Polish kids didn’t, yet, they fit in better than I did.

Content Marketing for Writers and Authors

o build a brand, writers and authors must also use the content marketing strategy, even if they aren’t qualified marketers. While most businesspeople build a readership with content marketing techniques in which they define their goals and reach out to their audience, writers can do the same. In many ways, we write stories to persuade. So why not market ourselves?

An author’s alter ego

Your alter ego’s purpose is to eliminate the inadequacies you see in yourself. Conversely, their inadequacies make them perfect.

A writer’s journey

A friend and I were talking about how one should go about becoming an entrepreneur or freelancer.

On imagination

A myriad of business books has been written. You will meet the occasional non-fiction reader that refuses to read any fiction. You ask them why, and they respond, “I want to read something I can learn from and apply it to everyday life.” That’s fair but inadequate.

Heart Like A Hole Relaunch

I have relaunched my novel after applying non-mandatory yet recommended punctuations. And while I was at it, I omitted more needless words—words that I’d decided to keep in 2018. But I no longer do. While rewriting parts, I probably deleted over 1,500 words. Then I double-checked for consistency because I’m not American. That was one…


No one ever really judged my written English even though I’d needed some handholding in the past. I should’ve taken some light advice more seriously, but English was the only thing I was ever really confident in. So, I often turned a blind eye to it. And it took me six months of meditation to realize where I’m at with my writing.


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The Aftermath

Thoughts & feelings I´ve been having all my life but especially after cancer treatment in 2016/17

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