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The real name is Paula Cheung. I used Paula C. Deckard as a pseudonym to publish my book in 2018. As you can see--that name got stuck. I was born and raised in Germany, moved to the UK at the age of 18, where I completed my bachelor's and master's degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. In 2013, I moved to Canada permanently. I'm a dedicated writer in both fiction and non-fiction and a passionate blogger. I'm an aspiring digital content writer/blogger/copywriter, who also loves to help non-native English speakers to create content for their websites and/or proofread and edit their writing. In my free time, I write short stories and have started on a new novel as well.

Nine Dots

Many aspiring authors seek writing contests for many reasons. I’m sure everyone has been there. Whatever criteria they give you, you get the motivation to write about it.

In the last six to seven months, I have blogged and edited a lot–wrote a short horror story, which I’ve been submitting to Halloween-related literary journals. You’re under time pressure because you don’t know how much free time you have left before work will pick up again. You start on a new novel and get side-tracked by all these challenging contests for which you have ideas that you want to share.

The Nine Dots Prize caught my attention. Not only do they offer a cash prize of US$100,000, but they request a completed book of up to 40,000 words on the topic:

What does it mean to be young in an ageing world?

Before you start writing, consider brainstorming ideas. What they want you to submit is the following:

  1. Summary Response (to the question) –> Sum up your overall idea and the constituting factors that you will cover (i.e., economic, societal issues) = 3,000 words.
  2. Outline Structure –> Structure out the book you have in mind and include chapter headings. How is your response expand into a book? Is there enough depth? = 1,000 words.
  3. Justification statement –> How will you complete the book in seven months? Tell them about your previous experiences. = 1,000 words.

I’ve been jotting down ideas about Generation Y/millennials, social media, politically correctness, etc. And since this is research-based, you get to be a student again. Head over to your library and place some relevant books on hold because you will have to cite them!

Come on, be productive with me!

This contest is free to anyone over 18. It sounds to me like they highly encourage non-fiction writing, but fiction is also eligible if you depict your ideas and arguments clearly. For more information, visit:

The Nine Dots Prize – Submit by January 18, 2021.

This website

On September 9, 2020, I decided to create a professional writer website on which I’ve worked for a little over two weeks. I found motivation and inspiration through digital entrepreneurs and their followers. It was interesting to see how many people look for step-by-step guidance.

Although I have learned some useful tools, I could’ve guessed the most crucial steps that writers have to make. But before making any of those steps, they have to build confidence and work on their social and communication skills.

You have no idea how many strangers you will have to reach out to!

Bringing yourself out there is not easy. And it takes time to create networks and an online presence. The good news is: It’s never too late to start. Besides, you don’t need a degree or certificate to write. You learn the craft through experience and will find your voice in your honesty. The rest is read as much as possible. And keep a journal or notebook.

I often emphasize the significance of depth in writing because, in many ways, writing is self-therapy. “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” But be smart and tactical about how you bring it across. Show people how you view the world and be honest about how it reflects you.

The About section should have a timeless appeal in terms of this site’s purpose. Unlike my private blog, this website is solely for business and networking.

So feel free to subscribe to the mailing list. I look forward to connecting with you.