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On imagination

A myriad of business books has been written. You will meet the occasional non-fiction reader that refuses to read any fiction. You ask them why, and they respond, “I want to read something I can learn from and apply it to everyday life.” That’s fair but inadequate.

Heart Like A Hole Relaunch

I have relaunched my novel after applying non-mandatory yet recommended punctuations. And while I was at it, I omitted more needless words—words that I’d decided to keep in 2018. But I no longer do. While rewriting parts, I probably deleted over 1,500 words. Then I double-checked for consistency because I’m not American. That was one…


No one ever really judged my written English even though I’d needed some handholding in the past. I should’ve taken some light advice more seriously, but English was the only thing I was ever really confident in. So, I often turned a blind eye to it. And it took me six months of meditation to realize where I’m at with my writing.

Speaking of jobs

I have written almost all my life. Therefore, when employers ask me how many years of “writing” experience I have, I can never give them the real number. My previous job positions in warehouses, retail, hospitality, and tourism shoot through my head.

Happy firsts

When I came here on a work and holiday visa seven years ago, I didn’t understand all that much about continental climates, and my sense of geography was off (I thought Vancouver was within a few hours’ drive away). I was a curious young adult leaving behind a life in London because I wanted to cover all the Commonwealth countries and be somewhere where I could continue to speak, write and think in English.


My name is Paula–I’m of Chinese descent, born and raised in northern Germany. I left for England at the age of 18 and completed high school and university there. My majors were in English Literature and Creative Writing. (As you see, I opted for my passion!

Nine Dots

I’ve been jotting down ideas about Generation Y and millennials, social media, politically correctness, etc. And since this is research-based, you get to be a student again. Head over to your library and place some relevant books on hold because you will have to cite them!

This website

On September 9, 2020, I decided to create a professional writer’s website on which I’ve worked for a little over two weeks. I found motivation and inspiration through digital entrepreneurs and their followers. It was interesting to see how many people look for step-by-step guidance. Most importantly, you have to make that first step.