Heart Like A Hole Relaunch

I have relaunched my novel after applying non-mandatory yet recommended punctuations. And while I was at it, I omitted more needless words—words that I’d decided to keep in 2018. But I no longer do. While rewriting parts, I probably deleted over 1,500 words. Then I double-checked for consistency because I’m not American. That was one of the biggest challenges for me when I embarked on that novel. I went that route to embrace a challenge, whether I was cut out for it or not. You know when the perfect idea strikes you, and your tank is full, you just have to write it, even if it takes you six months to do your research first.

If you have a physical copy or an eBook, I’m happy to send you an updated PDF file (or ePub) if you’re interested. Please let me know. (Also, if you randomly decide to subscribe to my email list, I may just send you a free PDF!)

No kidding, I’m tired of posting about my first book on my blog and social media. The initial release was three years ago. I also revised my cover design because my edits from two years ago were nasty. I literally butchered my friend’s design with my lack of graphic design skills. It’s not perfect.

No bullsh*tting—I’m going to cut the crap because I want to be honest with you. You can be a perfectionist, but the results will never be as expected. You’re always learning and growing as an author and writer. Eventually, you reach a point where you realize what worked and what didn’t. As you can see, my first self-publishing experience was far from perfect, and I don’t know if I want to go that route again with my second novel. Others recommend the Indie Publishing route, but I haven’t decided yet. There’s still time to think about it and do more research. However, I’d like to hear what your experiences are.

It seems that I couldn’t put this novel behind me—it felt like unfinished business—something that kept me up at night. Do you ever get that?

I hope you enjoy the new edition. You’ll notice it’s research-heavy and probably not always spot-on (that’s if you decide to google every single detail.) Yet, I promise you the story itself will stand out.

If you don’t know what to expect but prefer more information other than the blurb, check out this review.

If you’d like to get a copy of the new edition, please click here, or message me. I ship worldwide. Having said that, Amazon and eBook platforms are your easiest bet.

Please, I want to know if you love it or hate it, if it’s too dark for your taste, or if it made you laugh. I look forward to your feedback.

Please send me any questions you have about HLAH, and I will include them in a Q&A.

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